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Our customization service is for all of our products not only for our custom flash drives. You can definitely customize other items that we have for sale like our pens, shirts, mugs, bags and many more in our lineup of products. You can go with your own design and we will implement it for you so there is no need to worry about default designs. You can put your brand, the name of the shop, the colors and many more. This service is also very affordable since it is only for a small fee. This can really save you a lot of costs because if you do it on your own, the costs may be too high for you. Save On Promotions does not just stop from just giving you the product as it is. We can also offer you this type of service since it is an easy task to do for us.

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If you think something is going on with your shopping and it goes wrong all of a sudden, our customer service representatives will not hesitate in helping you in solving your problems. They are all located in Vancouver, Canada. We can be accessed through live chat, phone or email and we are all ready to help you.

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